The World Only God Knows II Episode 8: Elci Learns About Gaming and Haqua Fails… Once More


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5 Responses

  1. DashXFox says:

    Well, I’ll agree with you that this filler episode did seem out of place. Though it was pretty close with the manga. Except for that one game that Keima pulled out of the Clearance bin which will become important later. IMO the episode would have been a tad better if it was before the Chihiro arc. Tea For Three is before it anyway, in the manga. I’m actually half-expecting a 3rd season at this point, and I’m gonna tell you why. The preview picture for the next episode includes characters from a bit further into the manga. Too far, of course, for it to happen this season. I really do hope we get a third season. The character from the preview is my personal favorite.

    • Myst says:


      And yeah, I guessed that this filler arc probably came beforehand in the manga, but I had nothing to prove it XD.

  2. Dark says:

    Well, this is not a filler, in the manga it’s the same.

  3. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    Well there are a few differences like the one who actually said there were 60,000 more spirits (remember the Dragon Ball spoof?) was mentioned by Haqua in the manga and not Elsie (as shown in the anime). This episode (as stated above) was an actual issue of the manga before the Chihiro arc.

    You can consider them the ‘slice of life’ episodes much like the ones in the first season (cake episode, the bugged game episode), but the purpose of such episodes is to perhaps give a glimpse of some aspects of the characters that aren’t shown in the main capture arcs.

    From the first half we can easily derive that Elsie is still a little flustered when Keima appears to get close to her and she’s at least trying to understand him to some degree. We could have already figured this out somewhat during the Mio arc (first season) when Keima was practicing his confession lines to Elsie in the classroom.

    The second half reinforces the first with regards to Elsie due to

    1) Elsie throwing a fit when she saw the Haqua and Keima doll doing something naughty due to Haqua’s last command in the microphone (“So this is what you were doing!”) and…

    2) Elsie just going inside and locking Keima out of the house after she figures that Haqua just went over so that she could see Keima. In the manga, this is emphasized a bit more when Elsie says something along the lines of “Haqua never asked for anyone’s help writing reports back when they were still in school” and in the anime Haqua says “I can write my own reports” which is almost the same but has less impact I think.

    Also if you noticed Haqua keeps insisting on shaking hands with Keima which might make one think it’s her tsun-tsun excuse to hold hands with him like “Be thankful that I’m letting you shake my hand, it’s not like I want to hold your hand or anything like that.”

    Regarding you not liking the episode as much, I’ve already noticed that some of these side stories are the weak point of the anime and I’ve come to accept it. To be honest I only disliked the cake episode in season one and was mostly neutral to the bugged game episode. I kinda enjoyed this one as a nice break. At least I liked it more than the cake episode. As long as the main arcs are well done it should be fine, I guess.

    Also I noticed that Tenri and Diana (characters a bit further in the manga) were shown in the ending picture! Perhaps to give me hope for a third season that may never come. T^T

    • Myst says:

      WOAH THAT WAS A LONG COMMENT! (I think the longest you’ve written lol :P)

      Now that you remind me, it’s true that I said that before about the “in-between” episodes (since they’re not technically fillers), they’re very useful in order for us to understand the characters. I guess that, since it was done after the Chihiro arc which was focused exclusively on Keima, I forgot a little about that and didn’t find this episode as interesting. Now that I think about it, it is useful to know a lot more about Elci and Haqua (and the love triangle going on between them and Keima) and this episode had its use, however I guess it’s the order that failed this time… Had it been before the Chihiro arc I think it would have been way more interesting.

      Because of those 2 characters that show up further in the manga, I think there will be a 3rd season. At least, there better be, because I hate reading manga, especially when shows are very well animated like this one (according to everyone I talked to, anyways).

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