The World Only God Knows II Episode 7: Best Episode as of Yet


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17 Responses

  1. Touma says:

    Just feel the difference between the climax scene of manga and anime

  2. Eva says:



    Eva: It’d be awesome if TWOGK gets a third season
    Myst: Nah, it’ll probably be too much and not be that great.


    Myst: I WANT A FREAKIN’ 3RD SEASON!!!!!!!!!!
    Eva >BD I told ya you’d want it.

  3. Sam1456 says:

    I always thought that other demon girl was gonna join up with him since elci is useless i was sort of sad to know that she didnt elci is making this show boring

  4. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    Keima is a stubborn one so you can expect him to hold onto his gaming world for quite awhile longer, though the manga has been slowly peeling the layers away on his personality and revealing his slowly-changing outlook on real life and real people.

    As I suspected, the voice acting and the elements of the anime (music, art direction, etc) all made it that much more incredible compared to the manga. I get the feeling (when I watch TWOGK anime) that the guys who worked on this really freaking enjoyed what they were doing and are probably fans of the manga as well.

    Haqua should be back briefly in the next episode. So far TWOGK anime has been a little behind the manga (for me) when it comes to the non-conquest arc episodes, but I hope episode 8 will turn out good. ^_^

    I assume that since episode 8 is the ‘break’ episode, Jun’s arc will take 9-11 and we’ll have episode 12 as the ‘closing’ episode for the season just like in the first season with Shiori’s 3 episode arc prior to the 12th.

    After that I’ll be curled up underneath my bed until a third season comes out. o__o;

    • Sam1456 says:

      i might start reading the manga but yea seems like Haqua is needed other wise lets face it he will fail

    • Touma says:

      Are you sure the voice acting is good? I found Keima’s voice to be quite plain compare to its strength

      • ryvrdrgn14 says:

        Ah, I was referring more to Chihiro’s. I’m sure we’re all used to the way Keima’s voice actor does the character by now (still pretty good to me tho) ^_^;

  5. Myst says:

    @ Eva: Yeah yeah… But you have to admit that the first season really gave off that kind of a vibe, I mean that’s what most romance shows do and I personally don’t like it when shows drag on for too long because most of them are better off short (not this one though XD)
    @Touma: Yep, the difference is really noticeable, that’s technically what anime shows are there for. I mean, what’s the point of watching a show that’s just based off a manga? THAT’S the point. When the animation really shows off and gives the story much more intensity :). As for Keima’s voice, I can’t say for sure, but I’d say it’s a pretty normal voice, however when he decides something it works out really well. Something too strong may have made it seem like he was unreal, whereas now we get more of a “normal guy” feeling who, on the inside, is absolutely incredible.
    @Sam1456: Elci might be a failure, but I’d say that for once I don’t mind her as a supporting character, and I like her much more than Haqua (To be honest, tsundere characters piss me off a little). I wouldn’t want her to become super intelligent, Elci is a bright, honest girl, and what I like about her is her innocence and kindness above all. Although she’s seriously stupid, I really don’t care.
    @Ryvrdrgn14: I just hope they won’t start stretching Keima’s personal development only for the whole thing to take longer, although I hardly doubt it, with the show as it is now. I really loved the technical stuff, as you probably read, and I really, really, really want a third season to come out. If it doesn’t, I might just curl up under my bed just like you o_o.

    Thanks for all the comments guys, and sorry for the humongous reply! XD

    • Eva says:


      • Myst says:

        Hey, you guys are the ones who commented like crazy in a single day O.o I didn’t have time to read them one at a time, everything was there already lol XD
        And what the hell do you have against my wall of text, huh? *stare*

    • Sam1456 says:

      well dude I dont mind elci besides her stupidity but am just saying for battle shes not good thats why he would fail and that why haqua is needed

      • Myst says:

        sorry about that, in a way I guess it’s true, but then again Keima is so great that right now he doesn’t need much help… I like how everything is being developed around him and only his ideas, because someone else might just get in the way… Anyways, we’ll have to see what happens, I mean this show never stops surprising me…
        P.S.: I was just commenting and I might have misunderstood, no need to get angry, after all this is a blog and it’s normal for us to have different opinions.

  6. DarkSlayer says:

    “I get the feeling (when I watch TWOGK anime) that the guys who worked on this really freaking enjoyed what they were doing and are probably fans of the manga as well.” – I think the same.

    If the anime is gonna be like the manga, already exists enough plot for 4 seasons. I really want to watch ‘Yokkyun’ in the anime because I really like the pure love of Keima towards this character.

    Nice review, I love this blog (Although my english it’s not the best)

  7. TimesTicking says:

    nice review. this episode was indeed awesome XD
    hopefully if they do a 3rd Season they could do more than 12 episodes ^^

  8. Myst says:

    WELLLL, what I’m hoping right now is that this second season lasts a lot longer than 12 episodes. I checked, and right now, they do not have yet a limit of episodes and so maybe they plan to make it longer than 12 episodes. I might just be hoping for nothing, but since they didn’t call out their limit yet I’m curious and wonder if they’re not going to make it last longer since everyone likes the show so much…
    I can always hope, can I? :) And if that doesn’t happen, my thoughts are that a 3rd season is gonna be there for sure. I mean, so far I haven’t had a single person who doesn’t like this show.

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