Hidan no Aria Episode 4 & 5: Unexpected Turn of Events


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6 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I was so excited when they showed Reki but was disappointed that she didn’t do anything T.T I was hoping that she would shoot down the jets…
    I want Kinji x Shirayuki T.T actually they should take out the romance and add more actions >.<

    • Eva says:

      She was simply standing there as eyecandy. That has to be it, because we didn’t even see her hold up a light or snipe anything!!! D:

  2. SabbaKimmo says:

    There was no blood on Aria’s shirt because she has a bullet proof butei uniform on. The reason she fainted was because bullet hit her over her heart which sent her heart into a shock so it couldn’t work properly.

    • Eva says:

      Not quite. We saw when she was shot, that there was in fact a hole in her uniform.=3= I knew i should have included that screenshot…. It’s not like her uniform can magically ‘mend itself’ after being shot. XD;

      EDIT: Here’s the screencap, (it’s huge so just click the link)

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