My name is Eva, I've been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005. I am a passionate writer, so it's a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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4 Responses

  1. Bebe says:

    Is WordPad document okay to send instead of Word? It’s the only document-format I can actually get working at the moment.

    • Eva says:

      Wordpad is fine if that’s the only thing that’s working. Otherwise just make sure you follow the rest of the instructions. :) We’ll be looking forward to you application!

  2. scotty says:

    Do visual novels count as games? If they do can i write for them?

    • Eva says:

      Yes they count. :) However the rules are still the same, if you wish to write with us, please send us your application.

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