The World Only God II Episode 1: Get Ready for Some More Cute Rants!


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  1. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    Outside of Haqua, the new demon, this new set of girls would probably be ‘slow’ compared to the previous set (and the succeeding… 3rd season pls!). This is based on my experience reading the manga. I am hoping that the producers of the anime will add enough of their own twists to make it good.

    I’m thinking they can also do okay with Chihiro’s arc, but I am not too positive about Jun’s and Kasuga’s. I could be pleasantly surprised though. I actually didn’t like the way Shiori (librarian’s) arc was concluded in the manga (it was so vague) but the way they ended it in the anime was great.

    Of course they don’t get everything right. I disliked their version of that cake episode with Elsie in the anime and found the manga one much better.

    Anyway, I’ll go ahead and watch this now and see how it turns out. ^_^


    Oh, just got back from watching it. The new OP is just as good as the first season and the quality of the show did not drop much (then again it’s the first episode so we’ll see down the line). I think I like the animated episode better than in the manga so I guess I don’t have much to worry about in enjoying the rest of the season.

    Also a note about:

    “Talking about cute things, I’m surprised Kasuga didn’t flinch one bit when she saw Elci.”

    She was holding back a lot from cute stuff, but you notice a momentary pause/glance when Elsie came out from Kasuga which eventually built up to her staring at the teddy bear when she was walking down the hallway, so you could say she did notice Elsie was cute. ^_^;

    • Myst says:

      On the quality side, I have to admit that it was absolutely great just like last season. I really like the lighting effects they do on the characters, it’s anime so it doesn’t show as much but in this one I really like how it looks and there’s tons of places I want to screencap! Now, you know I haven’t read the manga, but if what you say is true I also hope they’ll change it for the better.

      Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to have a third season, I hardly doubt it will happen. Many people start getting bored of shows (especially romance ones) because after the second season the plot starts becoming redundant. That is a bit of a reason why I don’t read manga as much, because take for example Kaichou wa Maid Sama, I loved the anime but the manga completely pisses me off because it goes on and on for no reason. Maybe for this the plot is different though, I don’t know how it keeps going, but I’ve rarely seen shows having a third season (except maybe Zero no Tsukaima which I personally don’t think should have gotten a third season)

      Finally (wow, that’s a long reply XD), I must say that she better have noticed Elci’s cuteness. If not there’s something wrong.

      • Eva says:

        //Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to have a third season, I hardly doubt it will happen. //
        >BD My my Myst, we’ll see if you’ll keep your word about that as the future episodes progresses. Considering how epically awesome the manga is at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did throw in a third season – but first lets see how well they’ll do this one. :3

      • ryvrdrgn14 says:

        I think you chanced upon a really bad title to try the manga from the anime (I mean the anime was nice, don’t get me wrong). The Maid-sama manga was literally all over the place and confusing as heck. The anime did a great job of putting some form of coherence on the overall story.

        Zero no Tsukaima, I’ll agree that the third season was just utter “meh” and I don’t even know how it got a 3rd season at all. From the great possibilities of having a decent plot/story and character development, it just derailed into senseless and sometimes even random fanservice that just looked out of place. :/

        As for The World Only God Knows, I already said that I enjoyed some anime episodes better than the manga, but the middle to later chapters where the author had gotten more used to things are pretty solid for me and very enjoyable. I look forward to new chapters of TWoGK as much as episodes of Madoka. :)

  2. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    Well, truth be told, the first major story arc would only start on a 3rd season and the main, main plot of the entire manga is still ongoing in the current chapters. It would be a pity if they aren’t at least give OVAs or Movies. :(


    Ah clicked post too soon. Sorry. What I mean to say is that everything we are watching now are actually just a buildup to a larger plot. o_O;

  3. Kaeyuki says:

    You know, instead of making a new season, how about they make the 2nd season 24/26 episodes?Or maybe it’s too late for that. Then again, J.C. Staff pulled that crap on me right when I thought Maid-sama was going to end.
    I don’t really like Kasuga or Jun for that matter, so I hope their arcs are short (No offense). I just hope Chihiro gets better treatment!

    • ryvrdrgn14 says:

      If you’ve read the manga I’d understand why you wouldn’t like Kasuga or Jun (or Mio or the Ramen Girl or the Haibara) for the same reason (though I kinda do like Haibara).

      I’ll agree that I hope Chihiro (and Haqua) get the spotlights for this season, but I’m still hoping the anime adds enough to make all arcs better than the manga. Good voice acting and some nice animation could make Chihiro’s arc something to look forward to since it’s hard to feel the drama from it from just reading the manga. o_o

    • Myst says:

      I personally haven’t read the manga, but I’m sure that 26 episodes would work well, because if they just make this 13 episodes it’ll most likely turn into just Keima conquering girls and the main plot will not be attacked (from what I’ve heard of everyone, anwyays). I<m really curious as to what that plot is… If they only pull off 13 though I do believe I will start reading!

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