Hidan no Aria Ep 3: Cuteness Overload + Awesome minor Action

The episodes starts off with Kinji deciding to retreat to the Arcade with Aria tagging along since she has never been there before. She tries to obtain a cute plush but fails to succeed, so Kinji helps her out and ends up getting two. At the same time, Kinji gets to see a new and the cute side of Aria. The next day, thanks to changing his time on his watch thinking it was a mistake, he misses his bus where he quickly learns that there has been a bomb planted on it much like what had happened on the bicycle. He and Aria head out to pursuit the bus and defuse the bomb, however run into some extra problems which end up resulting Aria getting shot while throwing herslf in front of Kinji to protect him.


WOOT! NOW THIS IS AWESOME! The beginning of the episode started off very cute, and then the whole critical situation with the bus with the students in it facing a bomb threat much like what Kinji had to face in the first episode. And to top things off they ended the episode with high tensions between Kinji and Aria.

What I loving so far is there’s quite a mystery revolving around Aria, and when she says ‘she doesn’t have much time’, that certainly catches my attention. While I’d like the theory that maybe she has an illness and she’s dying, I think it has to with her family situation (whatever it may be) or related to that one case which she said she let someone get away (and as I have said many times, I refuse to believe that it’s actually Kinji).

So far it’s all androids attacking the students and we have yet to see the masterminds behind it. One of the things, I’m not entirely sure whether I should believe Kinji’s watch was five minutes ahead was a coincidence or not. I figured that maybe he had done that originally so that so he could catch the bus, apparently not though. : Actually call me crazy, but for split second during this episode I actually considered Aria somehow being related to these incidents, but that was just a random though – don’t take me seriously, I’m just telling you what happened while I was watching this.

The last thing I will mention before I wrap this up, the animation during the first, I think five – ten minutes into the episode wasn’t that good. But they quickly increased the quality, especially during the action packed scene! … And then it fell down again. XD

Oh and Kinji, we all know you will never quit for good. OwO/


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3 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    this anime is awesome! :D
    they should show more on Reki XD love her sniping skills

  2. Eva says:

    I hope so too! ^_^ She’ll definitely kick ass in the future.

  3. Accelerator says:

    Love her sniping skills? I LOVE HER IN GENERAL!!! XD Reki turned into my favorite character as soon as I saw the opening. Her appearence just confirmed it.

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