Hidan no Aria Ep 2: Avoiding Aria – Mission Failed

Today Kinji decided to try and escape the academy during a mission, but Aria tagged along preventing him from doing so. While they were doing the mission together (to find a lost kitten) , Kinji was trying to find whatever weak points Aria had. He later meets up with Riko who gives him the background information on Aria in exchange for requested items.


It looks like things are going to start off at a slow pace.
So we learned a little bit about two characters today. First we learned that Hotogi  has a dark, violent side that is quite ruthless and scares the shit out of Kinji . And Aria turns out to be a Noble who is half Japanese, half Britain and comes from the royal family. (Talk about acting like a princess this entire episode when in the end, she’s close to being one!!!)  One of the things we learned about her was that she is part as the S class (Higher level than A) has almost a perfect record, but had let a criminal go, and honestly I’m not taking her word that it’s Kinji who is responsible for that flaw. Speaking of Kinji we also learn that he’s supposed to be in the S class as well, but is in E because he missed an exam.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kinji’s hysteria mode didn’t happen like I had expected him to, another good point because it’s all about him using everything in his power to overcome whatever challenge ahead, before switching personalities – unwillingly. I’m expecting that Aria will have quite a mission in store for him for the next episode, I’m looking forward to see how that goes. Another thing that I liked seeing was that Hotogi didn’t discover Aria and did start the typical ‘OH NOES YOU HAVE A WOMAN IN YOUR ROOM! OMG YOU PERVERRRRTTT!!!! *Cue to the beatings*, so that thrilled me.


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