Beelzebub Episode 13: Let's Study!

This week is test week, both for Oga and Baby Beel Oh wow, we’ll see how that works out. At school, Oga has an assessment test, and we learn at the same time that the Great Demon Lord wants to take an assessment test on Baby Beel to see how much he has grown. He has to beat up 100 humans in a week!

Oga decides that instead of trying to make Baby Beel pass the test, he will dump him on someone in order not to go to hell. He will take the smartest person around! The problem is however, that everyone in the school is absolutely stupid. You have absolutely no idea. Anyways…

With Oga’s help, Baby Beel passes the test easily, however Oga’s plan fails miserably like always because Furuichi ends up being the one who gets the highest grade in the school with a 59… That’s just plain sad.

Once the tests are over, part 2 of the episode starts and we get to follow Hilda during a whole day, hearing her thoughts on Oga’s family and her new life in the human world. Despite many difficulties with Baby Beel, Hilda likes the human world and intends to tag along with Oga for a while she smiles! Lots! She really likes the human world! YAY!.


Oooh, finally we got some content going again! It wasn’t much, but Hilda’s day in part 2 was very interesting and showed a very nice side to her! Her character was developed a lot more in today’s episode, and I was actually a little surprised how she was most of the time very happy during the day. I also really liked her statement about us selfish humans who believe we’re at the top of everything, it’s kinda sad and we might not want to admit it but in my opinion her words couldn’t be more true.

As for part 1, I found it quite entertaining, it provided lots of amusement and Baby Beel looked really cute with his bandana.

This week there were barely any facial expressions to take, and I didn’t find any that were funny enough to get in here… *sad face*. Everyone, let’s hope next week we will have a good one! D:

See you next week! I know, my review is incredibly short… O_o .


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3 Responses

  1. SabbaKimmo says:

    Umm, I have a question to ask you, At the second part of the show when Hilda describes people, did the woman living in Oga house, Misaki, come out as Tatsumi’s aunt? In my version of Anime, it came out as so, It is actually known that she is his older sister.

    • Myst says:

      It’s normal to have been confused, I’ve noticed that as well, however when Hilda was talking about her she said that she was “the “Master’s” aunt”, meaning Baby Beel. I was a little confused too but when I came back on it I saw the way it was written and understood.

      • SabbaKimmo says:

        Ah right. I am sure that I missed that part. Thanks for clarifying :-)

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