Beelzebub Episode 13: Let's Study!


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3 Responses

  1. SabbaKimmo says:

    Umm, I have a question to ask you, At the second part of the show when Hilda describes people, did the woman living in Oga house, Misaki, come out as Tatsumi’s aunt? In my version of Anime, it came out as so, It is actually known that she is his older sister.

    • Myst says:

      It’s normal to have been confused, I’ve noticed that as well, however when Hilda was talking about her she said that she was “the “Master’s” aunt”, meaning Baby Beel. I was a little confused too but when I came back on it I saw the way it was written and understood.

      • SabbaKimmo says:

        Ah right. I am sure that I missed that part. Thanks for clarifying :-)

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