Ao no Exorcist Episode 1: I want a little fluff ball demon D: [First Impression]

How could you NOT love this guy?

I love shonen mangas and usually I am disappointed with the animes that come out for them.
But this.
This is Ao No Exorcist people. If they screwed this up I would have had to go to Tokyo, fight off the radiation and do the unmentionable to them :3

This episode is an introduction to the main characters of the series; mainly Rin Okumura, our main protagonist. He is a trouble maker who, while only wanting to do the right thing for people, always ends up with things going WRONG. Being brought up by the pervy Father Fujimoto alongside with his twin brother Yukio, he was brought up to always do the right thing.

Eva: His smile scares me.

Alas, this always ends in epic fail for him.

For his brother Yukio, however, everything is happy go lucky; he is a sweet innocent *holding back spoilers* boy, who always does the right thing *HOLDING back spoilers* is intelligent *HOLDING BACK SPOILERS* and because of his intelligence gets a scholarship to Cross Academy. With him leaving for Cross Academy, Rin will be staying back, continue living with Father Fujimoto and get a job.


Well… he gets the job and is actually quite good at it, after a few clumsy escapades that is. It is at this point that he is TAAANK *ducks out of unconscious reflex* and is able to do many heavy duty things which would usually take three strong, full grown, body builder men to do.

After winning the approval over from the boss, he comes by this little girl who had shown up earlier at the church where he is staying chasing after her scarf which seems to be drifting away in the wind. He catches and lo and behold.

That’s not the wind…

Turns out the little girl is being haunted by demons and has been suffering with them for quite some time now. After saving the little girl’s life, but making a mess in the store in the meantime. Rin gets fired under the accusation that he is a berserk and that is not a good thing to have working in the store.

However, while walking back home, he sees that the girl had come to the church with her father and they thank him for saving her daughter. The father says that she has been

clumsy lately, but Rin backs her up saying she is being bullied, not by humans, but rather by ghosts (because everyone thinks you’re not crazy when you say that *happyface of OMGYEPYOURECRAZY*). However, since Rin had caused damages to the store, Father Fujimoto forbids him to go outside the property of the church for a while.

The next day Yukio is gone and suddenly Rin starts seeing all these little black things floating around the place. They are so cute and I want one. Some bullies from earlier on in the episode show up and begin antagonizing Rin; however one of them is surrounded by many little black fluff balls. Rin knows he is not supposed to leave the property but does so anyways when they continue antagonizing him and bring up his brother. They begin insulting his brother and he loses it at this point.

Dun dun dun duuuun! The guy with fluff balls swarming around him is actually a demon named Astaroth. The demon pulls out a hot iron rod and slowly brings it closer to Rin’s face. He freaks out and suddenly blue flames appear all over his body. Astaroth begins talking to him, claiming that he is Satan’s offspring and asking him to come with him.

Father Fujimoto shows up and goes all bitchplease exorcist on Astaroth’s ass and exorcises the demon out of him. Rin is confused with what just happened and Fujimoto explains to him how he is actually the son of Satan born of a human.

Moe’s First Impression


LOOOVE! For once I am not disappointed with how a shonen jump series anime is done! Yes, it seems to be a bit slower than what I would like, but the show is still VERY PROMISING even though it is only the first episode. The manga is amazing go check it out, but if you are too lazy to do that and just like anime, then I am okay with that because even though it is the only first episode it is MOTHER FACKING BADASS
*IS HOLDING BACK ON SPOILERS* I am sooo looking forward to the rest of this series, that is if it turns out the way the manga does *I am watching you there*

JAPAN! You won’t be seeing me at your doorstep anytime soon wanting to rage at this anime’s creators *rainbows, sparkles and butterflies* 

Possibility of Blogging: YES! *GLINTS AT EVA*

Eva’s First Impression:

Well this show, since the PV had almost every blogger here at AngryAnimeBitches on their feet going, “OMG!!!! THIS I LOOKS SO BADASS!” and the question now is, do we still feel that way?

It seems our senses have met at same target thus the competition about who will be blogging this will be fierce. /End Exaggeration *Walks behind a wall to avoid Moe’s Glint*

I’ll tell you right now, within the first minute of the episode I was starting to feel nauseated when I saw the blood stream down the people’s faces and the first concern that ran through my mind was, were their heads about explode? Then again it might be because I ate an entire bag of carrots only ten minutes before I started watching this.

First by far most, I can tell you aside from the nausea that was hitting me it was blood chilling. The mood was uncomfortable and suspenseful, for all we knew it was the works of the demons. And then all the sudden, everything started to feel warm, when we saw the ‘family’ at the church. The way the treated Rin with so much hope and respect, it warmed my heart. But then it struck me, I stared to get scared. Was this going be another one of those scenarios when things were so sweet and peaceful and then before anyone realizes it has been cast aside into destruction and chaos? No, instead there was much more shocking twist. We discover that Rin is actually a Satan, and to top things off, he’s the son of the Evil God. Now that’s just mind blowing.

What makes this such a twist is because Rin is very kind, look out for others, will put people in their place if they are doing bad deeds (ex: shooting the innocent doves). Without a doubt this is such a shocker and just, he doesn’t know how to grip this revelation. One of the things that pleases me was that Shiroualways knew that Rin was a satan, and despite that he raised him into a good man. According to the preview, it seems that Rin will step it up and become an Exorcist himself and I wonder how that katana will come into play since we (those who haven’t read the manga yet) don’t quite know what kind of power it holds.

Possibility of Blogging: ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT! WE’RE IN FOR A SHOW FOR THIS ONE! I CAN SMELL IT – oh wait no that’s my pasta.

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3 Responses

  1. dcrumbers says:

    So do I. I have watched this anime,, and that’s totally great!!!!!

    Now, I’ve done started read ‘Ao no Exorcist’ manga,,and i’m lil sick cause the chapter 24 it wasn’t releaseddd!!!

    Oh,, Goddd,,,I’m very wanna to read this manga more and more,,,I’m very love this!!!!
    it’s kinda dfferent with others anime and have same atmosphere with Bleach and Naruto!!!

    You must continue review it!!!!! And thanks so much for the ep1 review!!!!! :-) :-)

    • Moe says:

      Yeah I agree that the manga is coming out rather slowly (rather the translations) but HO SHIT THE MANGA IS AMAZING SO FAR!!

      I am most definitely continuing to review this anime :D IT IS LOVE~! YOU’RE WELCOME DEAR READER *flails* I SHALL NOT FAIL YOU!

  2. loki says:

    awesome… reading the manga now since i just read the review it was freaking cool! son-of-satan wuhahahaha! awesome review.

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