AnoHana Episode 2: NOKEMON FTW!!!!

Jintan ends up telling Poppo that he can see Menma, and the guy responds enthusiastically, believing every word he said. He decides to help Jintan out try and figure out Menma’s wish. Poppo mentions that Menma always wanted to catch this rare nokemon so Jintan goes to the videogame store only to find that Anaru is working part time and purchases Nokemon Gold (not HG ppl! We’re talking about the original GOLD VERSION!!! 8D). The next day Poppo comes by and shares some info that they need to trade using cable in order to evolve. The two of them head over to Anaru’s place to get her help and the three of them hang out for the day. By the end of the day Jintan finally succeeds and the two cheers. Anaru asks what she gets in exchange for helping him out, and asks him to come back to school.


NOKEMON AKA >>> POKEMON!!!!!! WOOT! I loved how they are focusing on our generation’s childhood game and it made me feel so giddy seeing them playing pokemon all together and cheer enthusiastically to succeed beating the game “Gotta catch them all“!!! It seems that among the group, they are divided because of their differences and being separated from schools. I find it sad that Tsuruko refuses to talk to Anaru, let alone thank her for returning her notebook that she forgot. You don’t need to be a bitch about someone who’s from a not-so-good school who obviously has a lot more consideration and manners than the haughty young lady here.

It’s also interesting for the group  Anaru is hanging around. She seems to be following the crowd like Tsuruko had said, but I believe that she will be able to make the right choices in the future. Also it’s sad to see that she blames herself for creating the problem that made Jintan run off and Menma chase after him, only to have a fatal accident.

I think it’s clear that Yukiatsu really liked Menma in the past, and still harbors feelings for her. He is probably feeling incredibly jealous hearing that Jintan, though he hasn’t confirmed it yet – is able to see Menma and is communicating with her. Poppo, he’s so awesome, and also the one who played a big role in encouraging Jintan to talk to Anaru in order to help find this rare nokemon. Another thing about Poppo is that he is also a drop out student. Instead he’s traveling around with world with the money he saves up from part time jobs.


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