Yumekui Merry Episode 5: I Finally Have a Reason to Keep Blogging This!


Behold! I am Myst, the phantom blogger. You can sometimes see me, but most often than not, I disappear quickly and you realize it was all an illusion… Or was it?

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3 Responses

  1. Sabba Kimmo says:

    Excuse me, I really want to ask you. You said on this blog that you have a reason to keep blogging this. The question is why is this dropped?

    • Myst says:

      It’s alright, you have a good reason to be wondering XD The thing is, when I saw the next episode after this one, I only found the same flaws I had found in the episodes before, and despite this great twist I seriously couldn’t keep blogging this show seriously because the only thing that went through my head while watching it was “I HATE THIS!” and I just couldn’t even try and find good things about it anymore. Not that there weren’t any, I just wasn’t motivated enough to try and find them.
      I’m debating doing a final impression on it though, when the show’ll be over, but nothing’s set in stone yet, it’ll depend on how many projects I have due and stuff.

  2. SabbaKimmo says:

    Thank you. I was really confused but you cleared me right up :-)

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