Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Ep 8: WANTED DEAD (PERMANENTLY): KYUBEY


My name is Eva, I’ve been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005.
I am a passionate writer, so it’s a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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2 Responses

  1. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    Actually a happy ending (or close to it) is still quite possible. The whole series so far looks like a prologue to me or that’s how it’s playing out. I could be totally wrong, but if this show is all about twists where it turns from something bright into something darker than one could imagine, a final twist in the end could at least get a little light shone onto it again.

    Maybe it won’t be full of flowers and butterflies, but with how well the story has come so far, an epic and satisfying (hopefully non-cheese) triumph in the end isn’t a far off conclusion.

    Of course, they could completely go the other way and spiral down into the very depths of human despair, but I don’t think it would have as much impact.


    Sayaka is very, very well characterized in this series and she appears quite ‘real’ to me as a person. Her desire for something great and her own initial belief that her resolve is strong would’ve made her a stereotypical heroine.

    Perhaps everyone can think they can be selfless and need no reward as long as they can do good? That is simply not standard human nature. When failure, loneliness and loss hit her hard, her ideals crumble into dust and all she suddenly wants is to get out of her current situation, even through death. Unfortunately even death won’t be granted to her (unless there is some twist in the next episode).

    I really like how Sayaka’s character turned out. She is young so without experience in life, ideals are mostly what she has to go with. People should never take ideals such as selflessness and righteousness very lightly. Most people can never be truly selfless. The best most of us can do is compromise with what we need/want with what others need/want and strike a good balance. :)

    It’s a great episode overall. Looking forward to next week. ^_^

    • Eva says:

      Damn, well said. XD *Hands over cookies* I agree with your points!!!

      //Unfortunately even death won’t be granted to her (unless there is some twist in the next episode).//

      This whole situation is very unique because we seen Mami get killed by a witch, and now we’re seeing Sayaka pretty much suicide, so this should be fairly interesting to see how it turns out.

      I’m anxiously waiting for the next episode too! >w<

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