Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 6: You can forget all about my rants from the last 3 episodes :D


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  1. Patricia T. says:

    I can usually tolerate a couple not getting together the first few episodes but golly gee whiz. For a relationship-focused anime, it sure is taking a while! Sawako should get over herself. I can understand Kazehaya’s reason for taking it slow (he doesn’t want to scare Sawako), but Sawako’s been jumping to conclusions left and right this season! aklds;jfaskdf JUST GET TOGETHER OKAY. Impatient fans growing more impatient.

    That said, I hope you saw my most recent comment on your last KnT post! Please delete this comment (the first one with my last name tacked on) for privacy reasons:

    Thank you!

    • Eva says:

      I didn’t delete it, but instead edited out your last name. Let me know if you want me to delete it permanently. Also, as long as you aren’t posting as Anonymous you should be able to edit your comment.

      • Patricia T. says:

        That would do nicely, thanks! But you don’t have to delete it. I can’t seem to edit comments that aren’t on my own blog. If you know how to, please let me know!

      • Eva says:

        Hm… because when commenting in other blogs that also use wordpress I’m able to do so. Maybe it’s the server they are using, I’m not entirely sure. The (EDIT) button should be beside the date of your comment.

      • Patricia T. says:

        I don’t see an edit button here though, so you’re probably right. Maybe it’s because this blog is registered under and not a foreign server. Thanks for all your help!

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