Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 5: On his way to redeemance! (Finally…)


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3 Responses

  1. Patricia says:

    You’re right, I loved how this episode seemed to be in constant motion! Even when the story “sidetracked” to Chizu’s, it still transitioned flawlessly to that aggravating cliffhanger. I haven’t read the manga past the first volume, so that scene Chizu had with Ryuu totally caught me off guard! Call me an airhead if you want, but her asking Ryuu about Kazehaya was just about the last thing on my mind. (And I probably wasn’t the only one expecting something more.) Though I’m actually pretty glad that nothing happened between Ryuu and Chizu. I want them to take things a little slower than Sawako and Kazehaya.

    Although, I’ll have to disagree with your Kent-is-a-better-version-of-Kazehaya statement. For me, the characters are too different to actually pin against each other. All they really have in common is charisma and a strange attraction to Sawako. And even then, their charisma and attraction are on different levels. Kent is scheming (presumably with good intent) and Kazehaya is honest (but pretty damn slow when it comes to the girl he likes). I’m not going to say Kazehaya is better, but I do prefer him over Kent.

    Also, redemption. No worries, though!

  2. Myst says:

    Well, of course we all have our different opinions about characters we like and don’t like. It just so happens that, as Kazehaya started pissing me off, another guy appeared and seemed much better than him, and whenever I hear Sawako talk about what she loves about Kazehaya (sociable, nice, talks to everyone even if they’re an outcast and helps them fit in, etc.), I think “Well, Kent’s like that, but better”. Then again, my thoughts may be totally biased, but whatever, everyone has their own different opinion. It’s obvious anyways that Sawako is going to belong to Kazehaya in the end!

    Thank you for commenting on this, by the way, I never know what other people think about the episodes I blog about, and it’s annoying :P.

    As for Ryuu and Chizuru, of course this was intended for us to think the wrong thing. It’s too bad Chizu doesn’t realize that she likes him, they look so amazing together! I’d also really like Ayane to get closer to Pin, which I’m pretty sure is the guy that she’ll end up with. The side stories are as amazing as the main storyline, I like this show a lot :).

    • Patricia T. says:

      No problem at all! It’s really nice for me to see another person’s perspective on the show as well. I do like Kent, though! He’s fun and Kazehaya’s finally forced to step his game up because of him. I personally think he’ll mesh better with Kurumi than Sawako, though. Kurumi definitely needs that extra pinch of Charisma Kent has (and Kazehaya lacks). Then again, that may just be my “Pair the Spares” fetish talking. Haha!

      Keep writing! I’d like to discuss future episodes as well. ;)

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