Gosick Episode 5: I Totally Knew She Was Evil!!!!


Behold! I am Myst, the phantom blogger. You can sometimes see me, but most often than not, I disappear quickly and you realize it was all an illusion... Or was it?

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3 Responses

  1. To be honest, other than Victorique’s cute mannerisms, there really isn’t else interesting about the show. It’s mysteries aren’t even that difficult or twisted, and half of the time, Victorique’s deductive reasoning isn’t even reasoning. More like guessing.

    • Myst says:

      Then again, the show is really funny, and I think you’ve forgotten the fact that Kujo and Victorique also have an amazing bond, which adds a lot to the show. Mysteries aren’t what this whole show is about, and I have watched quite a couple of mysteries and this one is pretty good. Of course, some things are predictable, but they always twist it right in the end, in my opinion.
      To be honest, this show is one of my favourites this season, and since I am usually a person that tries to find the show’s weaknesses before anything else, only the good ones stick, and although it is flawed in some parts (all shows are, though) the fact that I still watch it and really like it tells me that it’s still very good. Most of the people I talk to also adore this show and think it is one of the best this season.

  2. I’ve just discovered something laughable about this episode:

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    – Source; Wikipedia.

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