Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 1 [First Impression]: Giri… Honmei… I have to give… *HIDES*


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3 Responses

  1. Luke says:

    Her character is that of a veeeeery shy person, making her ‘cute’.
    It worked for season 1 but past that? No.
    Shy characters are very easy to get bored of.
    Why it worked for season 1? We got to know everyone who wasn’t the main character more-so than the main character herself.

    If Sawako is just a culmination of her friends efforts, it gives her very little character to go by.
    Kinda giving the feel that they wish to immerse the viewer in to her role.

    Immersion sure plays a large role in keeping an anime going, but that sucks for those who wish to watch an anime just because they want something good out of it, rather than having someone to relate to (a more common trait you see in anime these days).

    Now on to season 2 and all we get is a new guy who’s chasing after Sawako, with the old rival pushing her away from ‘the cool guy’ of the series. This makes for something bland, judging from first looks at the new guy, it’s nothing good.

    It’s never easy to find a good anime that sustains itself with more than one series.
    Season One? Good watch.
    Season Two? Avoid.

    • Eva says:

      You may be jumping to conclusions too fast. While yes her shyness is starting all over again, it has a completely different issue compared to the first season. If you follow the manga, it actually progresses very nicely, and Sawako does not remain in her shy spot for too long. She does eventually crawl out of her shell and starts to be more open about it since Kazehaya starts to step it up a notch by becoming even more jealous because of Miura.

      But that’s just my thoughts. ^_^;

    • Myst says:

      I think I can see where you’re coming from, however what I love the most about Sawako is not really her shyness but her willingness to get out of it. It’s true that shy characters end up being really annoying, however in her we seriously see a difference that she’s willing to change this. Also, I believe that her background (that everyone around her was always scared of her) doesn’t actually make her a shy person but rather an inexperienced person. What I find adorable in her is her intense determitation, and you will notice later on that she really tries her best, by herself, and her friends aren’t always there to do things for her.

      As for the new guy… Well, it is, after all, a shoujo anime and most of them need some new person. Now, considering I can’t remember the manga very well I can’t say for sure if the season will turn out like your predictions, however at the moment since only 2 episodes are out you might consider waiting a little bit before saying it should be avoided.

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