Gosick Episode 3: THIS SHOW IS AMAZIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!


Behold! I am Myst, the phantom blogger. You can sometimes see me, but most often than not, I disappear quickly and you realize it was all an illusion... Or was it?

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3 Responses

  1. vjlai says:

    Agreed! I feel you on this! OoooooOoHH!! Victorique !!!!

  2. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    I think that the mystery part of the first 3 episodes is very weak (but that’s expected since good mystery is hard to do), but the characters make up for it. I didn’t even know it was supposed to be a mystery show. D:

    Victorique is very cute especially with her sarcastic laugh. “Ho… ho… ho…” ~o~

    • Myst says:

      Oh my, sorry for the late reply! I thought for sure I had answered, then looked and realized I hadn’t XD. I actually love the mystery genre, and although it was quite obvious that the culprit was Julie, I loved how they twisted it around with Ned and in the end they also gave a motive to the maid. Of course, there was stuff that was a little bit sketchy, but as you said a reaaaally good mystery is hard to do.
      As for the characters, so far they seem absolutely great, I love Victorique! This show is one of my favourites so far this season!

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