Freezing 2 FUCK YOU GANESSA!!! also, boobies.

This was going to be a combo post, but the sheer amount of T & A combined with the sheer amount of bitch that Ganessa Roland provides…..this’ll be enough.

i hate this bitch so much LOOK AT HER!!!! LOOK SHE IS A BITCH AH

Last episode Satellizer, or Bridget or wtf ever, was fighting everyone in the Sophomore class in this BATTLE SIMULATOR!!!! Known as a carnival. And then being a huge FUCKING DUMBASS, our male protagonist comes up and squeezes her and buries his head in her titties because he thinks she is his dead sister. BECAUSE I KNOW IF MY SISTER WAS DEAD I WOULD LITERALLY DIG MY HEAD INTO HER TITS LIKE LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. If I was Satellizer I would punch this dumbass because 1, he BURIED HIS HEAD IN HER TITS YOU DON’T DO THAT. 2. He got her eye gouged out for what will probably only be half an episode.

Yes you are. Just….yes…you are

Seriously guys his sister had black hair and his most distinguished memory of her is standing in front of a window half naked. This kid must have had one fucked up childhood if his first impression was to firmly plant his cranium in between her ta-tas like it was second nature. My brother never fucking does this shit but maybe it’s because his sister liked walking around in panties before climactic battles a little too much.




In fact, I dare say this episode but me off a WHOLE fucking lot. It’s why there was a delay because yay titties but you know TITTIES CAN ONLY SAVE SO MUCH. I don’t quit on animes often and the fight scenes are pretty fucking fierce but this dumbfuck of a male protagonists only redeeming factor is that he knows he’s stupid SO PERHAPS HE WILL GROW.

Anyway he pretty much gets told Satellizer will beat the shit out of him for ruining her perfect record FOREVER!!! But then she sees him and goes from stoic, cool, amazing badass to NO!!!!! DON’T TOUCH ME but no you can touch me IT’S DIFFERENT WITH YOU, IT’S DIFFERENT!!!!!



So he knocks her off her fucking stilt and is just a general meanfuck cunt who passes it off as naivety and then out of nowhere FUCKING GANESSA REAPPEARS. I don’t know who the fuck in England names their kid Ganessa but I hate this bitch who shames the name of red heads everywhere so much. She defines winning as attaching a chick who just got her titties violated by a prepubescent boy. You know what? I don’t even like the word I’m using but you know, it really defines sexuality in a slurred animalistic sense and in a lot of ways that’s the only thing any character in this show has anything developed for them. Satellizer is a badass!!! Until she’s touched in which case fuck you she’s a prancy little girl. I actually have an extreme fear of being touched but my response is not to fall on the floor or be helpless ESPECIALLY IF I HAVE A MAGICAL SPINE TEARING SWORD THAT COMES FROM MY SHOULDER. But you know, I’ll give Satellizer this. She has not proven to be a bad character just one who’s phobia must be so bad it trumps my own. She never seems to care when people get close before, or at least she was just pissed instead of all o///o, but whatever. A small boy thought it would be great to nuzzle himself firmly in her boobies out of nowhere and despite seeing she was blonde and only seeing her ASS before he did this, he did it long enough for Ganessa to snatch victory. Satellizer isn’t as fault…JUST EVERY OTHER BORING STUPID ENTITLED WHINY MOTHERFUCKER IN THIS SERIES WHO CANNOT SEEM TO COMPREHEND THAT THERE IS SUCH A THING AS PERSONAL SPACE, HONOR, AND BEING MORE THAN A ONE DIMENSION TWIT

Anyway so Ganessa and Satellizer decide to settle this and also, Ganessa has AWFUL panty shots. I am not the least bit attracted to her and let me tell you, I have seen her naked at this point way too many times for my liking. I don’t think there’s a single thing I haven’t seen on Ganessa. AND SHE STILL DOESN’T INTEREST ME.

if this is not able to make me interested in you, you are boring


So yeah intense fighting. Lemme tell you, Ganessa is getting her ass beat because Satellizer is fierce- and then she goes all GLOWEY MOTHER FUCKIN PANDORA MODE!!! And clothes are flying and then our whimp ass main hero is like NO!!! and Ganessa bitch slaps him and this makes Satellizer decide OKAY FUCK DIS BITCH IT’S TIME FOR ME TO GO ALL EXTREME INTENSE SHIT OH HELL YES MOTHER FUCKERS and then in one hit Satellizer is like IMA TAKE YOUR WINNER SPOT, IMA TAKE YOUR VICTORY, AND ALSO IMA MAKE YOU NAKED FOR A BUNCH OF INTERNET FREAKS. Also there’s an S&M scene before that because Ganessa is weird and wants to bondage torture Satellizer? It’s…kind of hot so I took some screens

Yeah…you know the plot and premise isn’t my favorite but doujinshi….wouldn’t hurt……… I hate this show? I kind of forgot, all the boobs made me u…..uh I’m gonna stop talking now……..about…that anyway….

So GANESSA GETS BITCH SLAPPED and Satellizer is about to kill her! But is stopped by teachers and will get detention or something. I assume it’s EXTREEEEEME detention. But even then, Ganessa has to be a bitch. Only to be told she has it too

if her personality was not so unpleasant i might enjoy this

So blah blah Aoi, the main guys name btw since I kept calling him dumbass, goes back to his dorm and meets a fellow by the name of Author. Author says he is the limiter of an amazing Pandora, and it turns out to be…none other than our bitchy not even cute tsundere, Ganessa. In which author decides FUCK ITS THAT BITCH FROM EARLIER who is always naked when i see her..

On that note I will point out that this show LOVES the fact that it’s on late., Titties EVERYWHERE man. In fact we have Satellizer in the shower contemplating the events of the day…onlllyy for us to get a real boob shot. Nipple and all. JESUS FREEZING

Then there’s contemplation and Aoi is going to be Satellizer’s limiter or something who the fuck knows.


See you …in a few days!!! For more boob action.




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