Freezing 1 [First Impression]

Freezing- a wonderful aesthetically pleasing journey that delves into the psyche. Surely, we shall see a deep and involving plot in this futuristic setting. And it will have NOTHING TO DO WITH-

No seriously boobs

can you say, YOWZA!


So picture this. No, don’t picture it, because I’ll picture it for you! Haha! Anyway so the anime starts off all dark and damp, which to me is the first sign of a turn off. I’m just not one for apocalyptic computer generated killing with no upside whatsoev-

Weellll heeellloooo....

Hello there naked lady! I am indeed a fan of naked ladies. But admittedly all I know about this anime is that there is a naked lady and cryptic green surroundings, I mean-

Apparently this anime wants to take it’s pants off for me. Err, dress. Well, okay. I’m sold. So very very very very very sold, I mean all I know so far is this anime likes to have cryptic green backgrounds and take off your clo-

So as I continued watching my favorite anime that has ever existed, I began to grow partial to the cerulean sparkles of blue and rich clothing designs that were certainly very intricate and must have had a lot of time and studying go into…them…

Okay okay, seriously. The first minute of this show is a lot of boob shots, this show even has some borderline hentai material. But all in all we see that the show shifts to a bunch of girls with significantly less cleavage than this girl fighting in a very confusing setting. They are being observed by a group of older individuals who remark about a ‘Carnival’. They remark ominously it and soon the younger girls start being cut down easily by older fighters who are called Sophomores. Why yes, blood and death and killing all because of…..the ever original school system!


There was blood and action here but I prefer showing off this hot chick.

And then! Magic occurs! The ominous talks begin as our hero appears again!

Yeah, let's just assume this is how we'll identify her from now on. Cool with you?

So in the beginning there was actually a plot point I neglected to mention just because I was…..preoccupied. There was a strange object on the main characters back and due to it, her clothes magically appeared. Well, our main character uses her tranformation pin TO MAKE A WEAPON OF AWFUL DESTRUCTION APPEAR IN BLUE SAPPHIRE LIGHTS IN WHICH TO SLAUGHTER EVERY MEMBER OF THIS MASSACRE CALLED A CARNIVAL

Of course the old people watching think it’s cool instead of MASSIVELY DESTRUCTIVE AND UNNECESSARILY TAKING THE LIVES OF THE INNOCENT. Cause you know, death is cool and whatnot. Anyway our character massively pwns everything in sight, as the main character should in the first five minutes. I assume that her killing all these people is not actually killing them and is instead some test or something. Well she faced more people than a lowly Sophomore should be able to take on, and then one of our crew of old people mocking the deaths of youth remarks that this is why she is THE UNTOUCHABLE QUEEN!!!

Well she sounded serious enough for bold and underlined text...


And then…we cut to a classroom! Well, I didn’t show you all the brutal death and killing there was but honestly it flashed so fast while the cleavage stayed that I figured you’d want to see what the anime focused on most. And it still does- cute girls!


Well, cute girls discussing how the power of this anime series works. From a diagram presented, it seems the transformation thing that SPAWNS WEAPONS OF DEATH is connected physically to the heroes. So, you know, you should watch it so I don’t have to explain it you lazy ass.

She agrees with me :D..and also makes me feel less intelligent ;_;

It flashes over to one screen to give us the impression that the Carnival from before is…something…not supposed to kill people. Okay so…everyone was getting killed earlier. I explained that right? And now they’re saying LET’S MAKE THIS CASUALTY FREE so..uh..what…I’ll assume this is going to be explained later. Maybe the Carnival is an initiation? Well so the scene flashes back and the teacher used to be a Pandora, what the fighters are called in this series, and everyone wants to hear a story about her days as an active one.

please don't tell me this is leading to...

….cue the annoying flashback. to be honest this is a little boring because it’s mysterious, trying to be ominous about the nature of the powers in the world. Still it’s pretty cool and you probably need to remember it.

pretty pretty shiny shiny....

To sum it up though, there was a lady who died protecting Japan from something big- she has a crappy grave for being the savior of Japan to be honest

The rest of this episode, no joke, is proof that this anime is a commitment. Let me tell you why, this anime is full of battle plans and strategies and most of it is hard to joke about because I had to rewatch some parts to fully understand it. It’s an anime you get as you watch it and something I’m not sure I can really summarize until I get farther in. That’s how I watch anime so I’m not going to ruin my experience in order to help you avoid reading subtitles :P



Novas are monsters or enemies or whatever, pandoras are good guys. Cool beans. Literally the rest of the show is flashbacks to our teacher from earlier’s events, nova fights, explicit breast shots, and stuff I can’t really explain. I’d honestly go watch it because it’s all very important, but it’s all stuff you need to experience to get a feel for this show. I kind of like that it is making me think, it’s obvious this show will take a lot of thought and will actually be fun. Dare I say it the boob shots may just be the sugar coating on what might actually be a very fun anime this season.


oh, but one more pun before my conclusion-


There went my hopes and dreams :'(

First Impression: I really like this anime. So much that really, I left out about 6 or 7 minutes of explanation because I’d honestly say this deserves more than me just spoiling everything. You need to watch it, explore the themes, and decide what’s for you. Despite my boob jokes, the plot and art style are very captivating and I’d recommend checking it out. I’ll definitely keep covering it if it stays at this level of quality. And for having such gratuitous and intimate shots of body parts, it’s almost so nice a show that feels tasteful. Give this beginning series a shot or stay tuned to see if I keep up my great impression.


oh I forgot, here’s the main character’s name and info.



hehehe….See you next time!





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