The World Only God Knows Episode 11: Cuteness Overload


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  1. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    I think the next season will be April next year. Not too long a wait. ^_^

    I really liked how they used Keima’s PFP screen light to symbolize the ‘light at the end of the dark tunnel’ for Shiori who was buried underneath all those books. It was very fitting and I will agree that the effects for this episode was a little over the top (in a good way). Making the 3D animation for the books must’ve taken a little effort if they didn’t have a ready template for it.

    Regarding the music, I agree it was very fitting. What you heard were the ‘other’ parts of the OP song that aren’t in the actual OP. The original OP song is about 8 minutes long and intro was used at the start and other parts for the ending. Put it all together and you have the whole song ((God Only Knows (Oratorio) – Elisa) :D

    • Myst says:

      Yep, April 2011, it’ll be aired during the Spring season!

      ooooooh, so that’s why the style was so similar… ;P I found it very similar to the opening song and thought they probably had used the same artist… Turns out it’s the same song! haha :P

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