MM! Episode 10: Yuuno is Sadistic?! O.o WTF…


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  1. Eva says:

    You made an excellent point. Tarou is getting zero character development while he is the main character. For god’s sake we might as well just have Yunno as the main character because she is the only one going through the process of changes. Mio’s development… not even.

    Judging from what I saw in the preview, I sincerely hope my instinct is right about Yunno deciding to actually help Tarou by preventing Mio from abusing him with her Sadistic behavior. I have no clue why they call it “Lost Memories” or whatever, BUT – it might just have to do with the flashback/dream Tarou had involving his father that was taken very lightly and brushed aside quickly. Perhaps this will be the key to his development within the next two episodes… GOOD GOD HOW ARE THEY GOING TO WRAP THIS UP IN TWO EPISODES?!

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