Kuragehime Ep 8: You know you want it!


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2 Responses

  1. Myst says:

    “By far, this is the best episode yet.”


    We’re finally seeing some progress in plot AND character development, much more than in the other episodes. I love how they finally went back to Tsukimi’s childhood memory. We finally learned about some talents this group has, because before they really looked like useless idiots. Hopefully we’ll learn about the rest of the group’s inner talents soon, and then they can use it to help out with the cause!
    This episode was hilarious, too. The best part was the Benz incident, HAHAHA!! So much for being childhood friends with Shuu XD. This show has a lot of humour concerning money and paying people for their services I found… XD (As shown in the meat incident at the beginning too)

    • Eva says:

      BD So if we ever need something some Hanamori we just have to threaten him involving his BENZ

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