Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft Episode 1 [First Impression]: …WTF is this?


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  1. Eva says:

    D: Omg, that’s horrible! I hope your laptop can be saved! *HUGZ* T^T I’ll upload a few screencaps for you!
    I am not taking the how short this episode for granted – besides that I am not even going to watch the next episode.

  2. I watched the mini eps on its promo DVD, and was left ROFL-ing. It literally screamed to me: IT’S K-ON!! RAWR!!

    • Myst says:

      Lmao well the first episode of this was pretty funny and I laughed a lot, however I watched the others and the quality of the humour seriously went down the drain after the first episode, and considering it was the only interesting feature of the show I found the whole thing to be pretty bad in the end… So far 5 episodes are out and I’m seriously not impressed (and yet I still watch it XD… It’s only 4 mins after all, not such a big waste of time lol)

      • Wait, wait – WATTTT?!! Did you jsut say 4 minutes or are my eyes blinds D:? So it’s even shorter than Starry Sky?

        • Myst says:

          Yep, the whole thing lasts about 4 mins and a half, and in there they manage to put in a preview AND an opening song, so in all the whole thing’s about 2 mins -_-‘ No plot, it was supposed to be humouristic but failed miserably

      • No wonder everyone seems so cranky and LOLWTF about it. 2 mins huh? That’s defintely gonna be hard to blog about. Unless someone decides to just ramble on about their complaints and all XD

        I gave the anime a shot anyways. More of a KILL-TIME than an ENJOYABLE-SERIES to watch. *wanders off comtemplating*

      • Eva says:

        =_=;;; It’s not even worth ours and anyone else’s time to blog about it (if they do, I’ll give them a whole lot of credit for putting up with it), nor is there anything to discuss about. This is exactly the reason why it ended up in the WTF Anime Category.

  3. Myst says:

    Mehh, agreed with Eva. I mean, I can kinda put up with it (after all I still watch it) but it’s not even funny and there is seriously nothing to talk about in details. It’s not something that can even be blogged properly -_-‘

  4. vjlai says:

    But guys! At the end of every episode there is a “Countdown” of days shown! There’s a line that says “xx days until the downfall of mankind”. When they show a big spaceship flying towards earth. Jussssst before they sing the OP song with the standard animation style. I’ve always thought these mini flash episodes were just teasers and “mini intro of characters” prior to the launch of the Anime series?? It’s just my guess, here’s what i noticed. It counts down every week.
    Episode 1: 70 days left
    Episode 2: 63 days left
    Episode 3: 56 days left
    Episode 4: 49 days left
    Episode 5: 42 days left

    Also i think some of the conversations and jokes are pretty fun to watch. Btw i havent googled and check if this is true or not, its just my observation. ^ ^

    • Eva says:

      8D Next thing you know it will be the countdown to 2012! *SHOT*
      Honestly, I think this is really just for promoting its manga/light novel whatever it is (I forget). I am doubtful that they are actually going to make an anime for it – moreover if it were a countdown I’d assume it’d be for the Spring 2011 line up, but from what we are given so far, there isn’t anything be said about it. Check ANN, they are the most reliable place for information.

      • Myst says:

        It isn’t very likely, however that would be SWEET! Eva’s theory of promotion makes a tad more sense though, and it would explain why the opening seems to make so much sense when the anime doesn’t.
        The thing I hate the most about this show is seriously the time constraint, though :/ You don’t even have time to think if the episode is good or not that it’s over, it’s really annoying.

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