My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! Episode 8: Kirino discovers the *AHEM*joys of anime production


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2 Responses

  1. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    Seeing as the next episode is more of a filler (but a very good one, at least for me) and there are around 3-4 more stories between this and the eventual revelation of Kirino’s words regarding that final life counseling, I’m getting worried if this ends at 12-13 episodes instead of going 24 or so.

    Episode 8 is based on the last story in the third book of the light novel series and there are currently 6 books out. Since 9 wasn’t part of any of the books (to my knowledge) then I don’t see them compressing 3 books in 3 episodes. I can only hope this goes on to 24 episodes or has a second season if it ends at 12. Toradora did fine at 24 episodes so I hope this follows that.

    I liked episode 8 for the ending parts, but I found Kirino’s ranting about what she wanted and Kyousuke’s begging a little over the top. It might have been smoother overall if those were toned down a tad. o_o

    • Myst says:

      Aw shucks, I can see a bad ending coming along -_-‘ This series is ending this season, it will only have 12 episodes.
      I don’t know how they’re going to end it but I’m guessing they are going to cut down on the fillers and cut everything short, probably making a very fast-paced and retarded ending -_-‘ Oh well, I guess we’ll see how things end up.

      I completely agree with you about Kyousuke’s begging, I hated that part too. As for Kirino’s rant, as much as she asked for much, I find it worked pretty well with her personality, I mean that’s how she is (I still hate her, but hey, at least they stick with the same personality). Also, I found it to be pretty funny.

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