My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! Episode 7: *holding up rant*


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2 Responses

  1. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    Shows like this might be disturbing for some, but if you can view it for what it is (an anime) then it shouldn’t be so bad. It’s just another story to be appreciated (or hated) and it just happens to be focused on a taboo topic. ^_^;

    I read a review on the novel stating that spending time on Christmas was a special thing for lovers in Japan (this is also why Kyouske’s childhood friend wanted him very much to come over that night and try out her cake). Kirino’s forceful (and very indirect) way of dragging her brother out with her and even making him buy her a present (on Christmas) in the guise of researching for her novel (and making him make up for browsing porn on her PC) were most likely hints of her desire to spend that special day him.

    It’s also emphasized that the particular porn that Kyouske enjoys are of girls with glasses which annoys Kirino because of her jealousy of her brother’s childhood friend (as if it wasn’t obvious enough in the intro). ^_^;

    • Myst says:

      LOL yeah, this is why I’m still blogging this show, because as much as I have trouble withstanding it, as an actual anime, I agree that it is so far extremely good. Thank you for the info about Christmas in Japan (I only had a vague idea of it, but that’s clearer now), and I hadn’t noticed about the porn thing, however it’s true that Kirino is totally jealous of Manami, and it’s totally obvious.

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