Togainu No Chi Ep 1: Awesome gay with bad animation :P (and a week late due to silkscreening projects and hospital visits :D (don’t kill me Eva =3=))

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  1. Eva says:

    Why would I want to kill you? :’D
    Talk about EPIC Boobs FAIL. Ah well the animation ought to improve. A-1 Pictures don’t have a large record of being in charged of the productions like BONES and JC Staff along with some other major production companies.
    I can tell you that in the future that when the it gets to major part, they will improve the quality significantly. They have covered series that have been known for excellent quality, which I would say WORKING! as the latest best. So while there are fail, there is hope. From my experience I won’t be surprised if they continue to falter constantly since it had happened in such as : Valkria Chronicles, Kuroshitsuji I and II, Occult Academy.
    However I can promise you went it comes to the most dramatic or important fight, the quality will improve significantly, like in Working!, Fairy Tail, So-Ra-No-Wo-To. So hang in there. :D

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